Young Noser was the name of Noser's ventriloquist dummy. The dummy was designed as an exact replica of Noser himself, which was the centerpiece of his act.

Young Noser was carved for Noser by Irina Dubrovna, out of the purest Carpathian wood. He used the dummy throughout his youth, traveling over Europe to perform. When he turned thirteen, however, Noser retired, leaving Young Noser in Irina's care. She cared for the dummy, knowing that Noser would one day perform again.

Over a decade later, Noser had Irina deliver Young Noser to him so that he could compete in a ventriloquism championship and win the prize money to pay his rent. Before he could go onstage, Wendy Watson persuaded him to let her tear off Young Noser's arms to use as stakes against Vladdy and Lizzie, evil vampires puppets who had possessed the Middleman and Lacey. Noser competed with his amputated Young Noser and won the prize money anyway.

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