Wendy Watson
First appearance The Pilot Episode Sanction
Created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Affiliation O2STK
Notable powers An array of gadgets
Portrayed by  Natalie Morales

Wendy Watson was a young struggling artist who shared an illegal sublet with her roommate Lacey Thornfield. Her ex-boyfriend Ben Stanley broke up with Wendy for a "film project," causing everyone to worry about Wendy's well-being except for herself. Wendy worked at a local temp agency and was assigned to A.N.D. Laboratories where an experiment went terribly wrong and she was attacked by a creature which she describes as a 'Japanese hentai tentacle monster'. Unfazed, she stabbed the creature with a letter opener until the Middleman arrived to save the day. After losing her job at the temp agency she was lured to the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Temp Agency and after a series of increasingly ridiculous tests conducted by Ida, was invited by the Middleman to join him as his sidekick.

Since then she has worked with the Middleman, as a Middleman-in-training. She has received training in the martial arts from Sensei Ping. Early on in the show, she was an unpaid temp, and her Middle-gun was given 'training wheels'. She has since proven herself to the Middleman, and has become a full-fledged member of his organization.

Her father, who was a pilot and taught her how to fly, disappeared when she was only fourteen, under mysterious and as yet unexplained circumstances.

Her mother lives in Miami, and is Cuban.

Wendy Watson

Personality and Appearance[edit | edit source]

Wendy has a "rash and impetuous nature" according to Dr. Newleaf. She describes herself as ironic, not cynical, and makes constant pop-culture references. She cares deeply for her friends and looks up to the Middleman as a father figure.

After Guy Goddard informed her that she could pick her own uniform and the Middleman consented, Wendy chose to update her uniform from the jacket and tie combination similar to her boss' outfit to a more modern look.

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