Trout zombies differ from regular zombies in that they do not crave the flesh of the living, but rather (as the name states) trout. They still had the overall appearance of regular zombies but their bite had no effects on living people. These zombies were planned to be massed produced through cans of !!!! infected with Peruvian Flying Pike venom and trout, however this plan was put down by Wendy and the Middleman.

In order to become a trout zombie, a person has to have been infected by Peruvian Flying Pike venom, which can happen two ways: Through a bite from a Peruvian Flying Pike Fish, or through drinking !!!!. Trout zombies have the same physical limtations as they did before they became zombies (similar to current zombies, such as "28 Days Later"). Although they have a similar appearance to regular zombies (flesh and eye discoloration, an overall decaying look), these zombies do not bite or try to consume the living. It is implied that they would ignore the living completely. The exception to this is when Mr. White covered Wendy and the Middleman in trout and sent three female zombies after them. Trout zombies are more than willing to chase down trout (or anything that smells like trout). Once these zombies begin the chase, they will not stop until they have eaten the trout. Becoming a zombie is also dangerous to the infected as a trout zombie's heart will burst if they continue to be a trout zombie.

The zombiefication can be reversed using the pineal fluid from a Pike, but the Pike must be alive. It takes twice the amount of tranquilizer to knock out a Trout Zombie as is does a Bengal Elephant. ("The Flying Fish Zombification")

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