Snake Island was the secret hideout of the 1960s supervillain The Candle. It was located in the Pacific Ocean, and defended by anti-aircraft emplacements and barrier mines. It also had a defense system which could only be deflected by asbestos. Snake Island was located near Dead Man's Bluff, right below the Devil's Throat.

The interior of Snake Island housed a main room (complete with a pleasant setup of Scandinavian furniture), and three sub-chambers. In the leftmost of these chambers was The Candle's master weapon: a melting ray with no "Off" switch.

Fallen Middleman Guy Goddard led the Middleman and Wendy Watson to Snake Island, intending to have his modern day replacement killed by The Candle's melting ray and to replace him as Middleman, with Wendy as his sidekick. The three infiltrated in the Middlesub, and split up on Guy's instructions; Guy sent the Middleman to the chamber with the melting ray, which activated and nearly killed him. When Wendy confronted Guy with what he had become, Guy repented and saved the Middleman. Unable to turn off the melting ray, he slammed his prosthetic hook into the ray instead, killing himself and destroying the ray once and for all.

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