Sensei Ping is the designated trainer of all Middlemen and their Middle-Associates. The Sensei trains them to become lethal man-killers in The Middleman Dojo. He is described as loving "pain and suffering like tornadoes love trailer parks" - once, during his training, Sensei Ping made the current Middleman cry. He previously wore the mask of El Sapo Dorado, the only man he could not defeat, who after twenty-six consecutive days of fighting died of a heart attack. Sensei Ping is very important to the Clan of the Pointed Stick, and if he travels somewhere and doesn't report in within three days, the clan will send out a group of assassins to kill everyone responsible, including the party he was visiting.

Sensei Ping lives primarily in China, and flies out of Wuhan when going on international travel. When visiting Middleman Headquarters, he always has chicken feet for breakfast at the Gold Notion Tea House in Chinatown.

The Middleman was Sensei Ping's favorite apprentice, but Sensei Ping has bonded quite well with Wendy Watson as well.

Techniques Edit

Sensei Ping has mastered many techniques:

Single Man
Two Man

Maxims Edit

"The Turtle Dove who grows content in the nest loses his wings at dawn."
"The Goat who tarries is a friend of death."
"The badger shouldn't bare its teeth when peace sits at the tea table."
"Study the fish's tail if you want to know how to move forward."
(about weasels) "Their love of battle is surpassed by their love of shiny things."
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