"Scream Your Love for Me" is a song by the intergalactic dictators-turned-boyband Varsity Fanclub.

The song is first referenced in "The Flying Fish Zombification", when Noser is performing Stump the Band. Joe 90 challenges Noser's knowledge of "Scream Your Love for Me"; though Noser comments with distaste, "By that cheesy boyband?", in the end he does, indeed, know the song.

In "The Boyband Superfan Interrogation", Varsity Fanclub performs "Scream Your Love for Me" live at their concert at Metro Theater. The stage is set up with a scream meter which measures the intensity of the audience's shrieks; in reality, it is a scream harvester, using tweenage screams of ecstasy to power a warphole generator to transport the Pentarchs of Clothar back to their home galaxy. "Scream Your Love for Me" seems to have been written for this specific purpose. However, the Middleman manages to use Cindy Marshall's black box to reverse the polarity on the warphole generator and disintegrate the Pentarchs once and for all. As a result, "Scream Your Love for Me" is the last song they ever performed.

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