A Quantum Singularity Machine is designed to open a quantum singularity, a black hole linking different worlds and parallel dimensions. The machine is designed to simulate the effects of firing a phased polaron cannon at the same black from both universes simultaneously from the same location.

A Quantum Singularity Machine involves several components, many of them very rare:

  • A beryllium sphere
  • An oscillation overthruster
  • A sufficient supply of polydichloric euthimal
  • A sufficient power source

The only person known to create a Quantum Singularity Machine is Ivan Avi, aka "The Palindrome". He stole the beryllium sphere from a maximum security medical facility and the oscillation overthruster from DARPA, and obtained the polydichloric euthimal by stealing thousands of baby doll eyes made of the material. Using the power from the Carpenter Road Transformer Station, he opened a quantum singularity. In reality, two machines were built - one by each Ivan in two mirror universes - with the intention that the two Ivans would trade places. Unfortunately, Wendy Watson was sucked through the singularity along with the evil Ivan Avi and transported to the mirror universe.

Both Ivan Avis were tracked down by their respective Middlemen. Terrified of the prospect of being returned to the universes they had escaped, the Ivans simultaneously shouted, "You'll never make me go back to that horrible place!" and smashed their Quantum Singularity Machines beyond repair.

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