Prior to the premiere of the Middleman, ABC Family released five Public Service Announcements each striving to inform the general public on the dangers the Middleman and Wendy face daily.

From the Middleman Edit

Cheating Edit

Cheating in school might seem like a quick way to an easy A, but if you get caught the penalty may be severe, however if you’re a telepath or a clairvoyant then never mind.

Mother Nature Edit

Copying your friends homework is cheating, copying your friends D.N.A. to breed his or her clone replacement is cheating Mother Nature.

Don't Play Edit

Don’t play with fire, that’s some darn good advice. Here’s some better advice, don’t play with lasers, fasers, or ray guns. Don’t play with transporters, matter scramblers, DNA enhancers, corpse reanimaters and plasma injectors. But most of all don’t play with probes, probes are bad.

From Wendy Edit

Cows Edit

I saw a study that said 11% of young women don’t eat beef. A lesser known fact is that 100% of genetically enhanced hyper intelligent vampire cows eat young women.

Dinner Time Edit

Dinner time is family time, but if your family is going to have dinner with an alien, it means its going to have you for dinner. Don’t bother bringing a bottle of wine, unless you and the kids go out with the cabernet.

DNA Edit

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA also stands for Do Not Answer. As in do not answer the door if it's someone wanting to steal your DNA.

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