Pop Quiz Day is an event when a Middleman begins to test his Middle-Associate on his or her knowledge of the Middleman's job, equipment, and tactics. Wendy Watson's Pop Quiz Day was conducted during the events of "The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum", and consisted of the following elements:

  • Testing Wendy's ability to find the Middleman at the Rendezvous Point Diner. She arrived twenty minutes after he called.
  • Asking Wendy what The Middleman Dojo was. She didn't know.
  • Asking Wendy what the BTRS Scanner was. She didn't know this either.
  • Extracting the location of a bomb from Interrodroid 3000. Wendy got the location, but only after maiming and finally decapitating the Interrodroid.
  • Asking Wendy what the Middleman intended to do with a priceless emerald carved by Carl Faberge. She had no G-rated suggestions, so the Middleman moved on.
  • Selecting a fake ID for Wendy to use to infiltrate the Newleaf Institute for Natural Beauty. The Middleman selected the Fish and Wildlife Commission; Wendy claimed they were investigating the off-label use of Botox on fish.
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