The Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon was a device capable of created a hive-mind among electronic devices. A sufficiently powerful version could connect to all devices of a similar make across the entire world.

The first known attempt to create a Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon was made by Dr. Servalan, who wanted to link all the world's cell phones into a monomaniacal hive mind. It is Ida who references this attempt, so it is unclear which Middleman stopped Dr. Servalan, but it is known that he was eventually stopped.

A more successful attempt was made by Manservant Neville, CEO of Fatboy Industries. Having dedicated his life and his company to saving the planet and still found mankind destroying it, Manservant Neville decided to force positive change on the world instead. Since one in twenty-five humans owned a uMaster (equalling over 250 million worldwide), his Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon linked across the entire world. Simultaneously, he stole hundreds of pineal glands from succubi, clairvoyants, and mediums. The power of the hundreds of pineal glands, combined with the massive hive mind of the Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon, gave Manservant Neville the power to alter reality, in essence becoming a living god.

The Middleman used the power of Chac-Mol to overcome Manservant Neville's powers, and subsequently used the Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon to set the world back to the way it had been, wipe everyone's memories (except his own and Wendy's) of knowledge of the events, and destroyed the Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon.

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