Ops (presumably short for "Operations") is the command center of Middleman HQ, located at the heart of the building. It is the location of the HEYDAR, and the spot from which the Middleman and Ida most often peruse the Real-Time Situation Recording Archive.

In addition to the HEYDAR, Ops features at least one desk, a series of control panels, several mounted helmets, and a space suit. The Middleman Cryogenics Vault is directly accessible from Ops, and Ops is the only room in HQ that is shown to be capable of locking down independently. A person inside Ops can use interior surveillance to observe any other room in the building.

After the death of Cindy Marshall, the Middleman and Wendy Watson took Cindy's HEYDAR (which they nickname "Baby HEYDAR") back to HQ. Baby HEYDAR also resides in Ops.

Ops has a set of twenty bankers lamps, arranged in four rows of five lamps. Turning them on and off in a certain order opens a hidden chamber behind the panel of monitors which once contained a pneumatic tube connecting HQ with O2STK, though the hidden chamber is now vacant.

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