The Mirror Universe is a world that is an exact duplicate of the Middleverse, except that most people who are good in the real universe are evil, and most people who are evil are good. The universe in generally is dark and dismal, mostly colored in shades of gray (partly because, according to Ida, the sun can no longer be seen).

In the Mirror Universe, mirror Manservant Neville led Fatboy Industries in a rebellion against the United States government, culminating in the Battle of the District of Columbia. After defeating the US in this battle, Fatboy Industries took over the nation. All citizens live under the oppressive yoke of Fatboy's totalitarian regime.

A description of the denizens of the Mirror Universe can be found here.


Middleman HeadquartersEdit

Mirror Middleman Headquarters is messy and run-down, a reflection of the fact that the mirror Middleman has abandoned his charge to protect the world. Mirror Ops is particularly cluttered with junk. After the Middleman reforms, Headquarters undergoes a cleaning.

HQ features a group of four dartboards with Manservant Neville's face on the targets and a tanning bed for mirror Ida. Instead of the military helmets in Ops, there are motorcycle helmets, and where Baby HEYDAR hangs in the real universe, mirror Middleman has hung Interrodroid's severed head. In the lobby, instead of the motivational posters in the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Temp Agency, there are signs reading "Flammable" and "Explosives"; the Jolly Fats sign has been knocked down.

Illegal subletEdit

In the mirror universe, the sublet is occupied by mirror version of Lacey and Noser. It is located off "an evil hallway in an evil parallel universe". It is an exotic dancer lounge, where mirror Lacey occasional serves her secret recipe of rabbit stew.

Fatboy CommandEdit

The headquarters of Fatboy is a highly secure, industrial-looking compound, requiring an employee ID card to enter. It is heavily guarded by Fatboy stormtroopers, as well as mirror Wendy's personal guards.

Control RoomEdit

The control room is the most secure room in Fatboy Command, accessible only by a numerical code (which is the date Wendy's father disappeared under mysterious and as-yet unexplained circumstances). It contains valuable or important items, including the Phased polaron cannon mirror Wendy bought from the mirror Middleman, among several other weapons. It also houses the body of the cryogenically frozen Manservant Neville, and allows communication to the rest of the facility.

Carpenter Road Transformer StationEdit

The site through which Evil Ivan Avi and Wendy Watson enter the mirror universe, it is identical in both locations.


As she departs, Wendy inspires the mirror Middleman to stay and fight against the tyrannical forces of Fatboy. He does so, and takes mirror Lacey as his sidekick. As he cleans himself up, the caption reads "Middleman HQ in a parallel universe that is growing less evil by the minute", suggesting there may be hope for the mirror universe.

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