The Middle-Lore is a series of books which detail the struggles of Middlemen against their enemies down through the centuries. Middlemen themselves are expected to update the Middle-Lore with each foe they face (though Guy Goddard, the 1969 Middleman, is known to have been negligent in this duty, as he was too busy "entertaining" the Brazilian fashion model Jaguar).

Known villains recorded in the Middle-Lore are:

  • The Domino, a Lithuanian supervillain who attempted to knock buildings down into one another.
  • The Fabulous Face, who succeeded in replacing everyone in the White House with evil twins.
  • Dr. Solaris, who tried to taint the water supply with a boredom toxin.
  • The Candle

Information on defeating the Candle was not complete, as it was Guy Goddard who should have been entering it.

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