Lord Jeremiah Purcell's Nefarious Mansion is the home of the British nobleman and supervillain Lord Jeremiah Purcell. It is an opulent dwelling, painted white with artistic carvings along its outside, and beautifully decorated inside. In its basement is a heavy vault with a code-key entrance. The windows are large enough for a grown man to enter through with a great deal of room to spare.

Lord Jeremiah Purcell is fond of hosting high-stakes Shiboomi games at his mansion. At all games, Purcell's manservant, the speechless, thoughtless brute Govinda, stands by with a broadsword to decapitate those who fail to understand the games rules or attempt to cheat. One such game was attended by Guy Goddard and Wendy Watson, along with a crew of scoundrels:

Supposedly searching for a supply of Balthorium G that Purcell had allegedly imported into the country, Goddard left the room and allowed Wendy to take over his hand. Not long after, Gogol was caught cheating. Before he could be decapitated, Wendy stepped in to save him, and before anyone could attack her, the Middleman burst through the window and stunned them all.

Meanwhile, Goddard had gone down to the vault. By the time Wendy and the Middleman found him, he was lying at the door of the melted vault, his own hand melted to the door. He claimed The Candle had melted his hand and made off with the Balthorium G, though it was later revealed that Guy himself had melted the door (and his own hand) as the setup of an elaborate trap.

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