Jolly Fats Wehawkin T-Shirt

Dub Dub sporting the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Employment Agency t-shirt

"I'm trying to work here!"
"I don't know how you could do that, this is one depressing place."
-Wendy Watson and Noser

The Jolly Fats Wehawkin Temp Agency is the public front of Middleman HQ. The lobby of the headquarters is complete with a desk and applications, and is usually run by Ida. It is the only room in the building accessible to the public. There is a camera in the room to alert the Middleman and Ida if they are any visitors. The reception area is decorated with motivational work posters, encouraging hard work and occupational safety, as well as a large sign reading "Jolly Fats Wehawkin Employment Agency".

The name is a reference to the "Jolly Fats Weehawken Airline" from the 1983 Jerry Lewis film "Cracking Up".
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