"Even if the universe decided to communicate via playing card images of antiquated archetypes, do you really think it would use that CK One cologne-drenched charlatan as its mouthpiece?"

  • Lacey

Jamie is a Goth girl who lives in the same building as Wendy Watson, Lacey Thornfield, and their "Bohemian friends". Her form of artistic expression is the occult, specifically reading Tarot cards. After Noser goes missing during the events of "The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation", Jamie entertains Wendy with a series of Tarot predictions.

After two wildly incorrect predictions, Jamie is possessed by spirits from the great beyond which convey through her the prediction that, "Young Noser will be rent limb from limb to save you!" After the Middleman states that Wendy's "experience in the Underworld has opened her "third eye", allowing her to hear prophetic voices, Wendy spends much of the episode in fear for Noser, mistakenly believing that "Young Noser" refers to Noser himself.

After Noser's return, Jamie offers to do a reading for him as well.

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