Irina Dubrovna was an Eastern European woman who served as a ventriloquism teacher to Noser in his childhood. She also carved Noser's ventriloquist dummy, Young Noser, out of purest Carpathian wood. Noser was a prodigy and before long Irina had nothing left to teach him, but Noser's family took pity on her and paid her to stay on and care for Young Noser.

At age thirteen, Noser retired from ventriloquism, leaving Young Noser in Irina's care. She accepted the charge, believing Noser would one day perform again, and settled down in the United States to teach ventriloquism to other children.

Over a decade later, Noser called Irina to deliver Young Noser to him, so he could win a ventriloquism championship and pay off his rent. She was recorded in doing so by Joe 90, who showed the tape to Lacey and Pip. After Wendy Watson used the HEYDAR to track down Irina, Lacey and Pip traveled to her house at 1010 Holmwood Drive and persuaded her to divulge Noser's history and where he was performing.

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