The International Ventriloquism Grand Championships were held at the MacFarlane and Gray Hotel Spa and Convention Center. Contestants attended from around the world to compete for the substantial prize money offered. The Grand Championships were sponsored by Fatboy's Farm Apple Wine.

Unfortunately for every other competitor, the master ventriloquist Noser chose the Grand Championships to come out of retirement, desperately needing the prize money to pay off three months' late rent, plus interest. Unfortunately for the human race, the vampire monarchs Vladdy and Lizzie chose the Grand Championships to stage their return to human form and call forth an army of undead.

Though they succeeded in regaining human form, both vampires were slain by Wendy Watson, who had made impromptu stakes out of the arms of Noser's dummy, Young Noser. Despite this impromptu amputation of his puppet, Noser went on to win the Grand Championships and the prize money.

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