Fatboy Industries was the corporation and brainchild of multibillionaire entrepreneur Manservant Neville. An extremely large and powerful corporation, it had involvement in several product areas, and was headquartered at Fatboy Tower.



"uMaster makes you the master."

The uMaster was the first and most successful of Manservant Neville's product ideas. A solar-powered, handheld electronic device made entirely out of recycled materials, the uMaster was initially panned by other developers, who expected that it would never sell. However, Neville's design went on to defy these predictions and sell so many units that one in twenty-five humans owned a uMaster.

What the uMaster actually does is never made clear. It is a white cube, with a single hole in one side for an electronic jack. The only description of its function available is that of Manservant Neville, that it, "makes your life easy".

A rival corporation created a knockoff called the "uMaestro", but it is generally considered to be of inferior quality to the uMaster.

Fatboy's Farm Apple WineEdit

"'Fatboy's Farm Apple Wine'? Swanky."

Fatboy Industries also produced Fatboy's Farm Apple Wine, a wine sold in box form, and siphoned from a spout on one side in a manner similar to a keg. Fatboy's Farm Apple Wine was a sponsor of the International Ventriloquism Grand Championships.


"They are the greenest, most progressive corporation ever."

  • Lacey

Fatboy Industries, under the guidance of Manservant Neville, was resolutely committed to environmentalism and protecting the Earth. Aside from the entirely-recycled-materials nature of its uMasters, Fatboy also invested in the following environmentalist measures:

  • The "One uMaster per Child" Initiative, seeking to extend the technological benefits of the uMaster to impoverished areas
  • A solar farm in the Gobi Desert
  • A blue whale haven

Corporate StructureEdit

Fatboy's founder, Manservant Neville, was CEO of the company. He was assisted by a board of seven directors, many of whom sought to portray an image of sophistication and wealth while actually settling for second-rate purchases.

For a time, Manservant Neville had Tyler Ford as his right-hand man, assisting him in running the company and its many endeavors.

True AimsEdit

Manservant Neville's vision of a green, progressive world drove him to put Fatboy to work reversing many of the world's problems. However, seeing that even his extremely powerful corporation alone would not be enough, he used the company's vast wealth and influence to build a Polyditetrahexamono-Trioctalon, with the aim of forcibly converting the world into the paradise Neville envisioned.


  • Though Manservant Neville was killed during the events of "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse", it appears Fatboy continued in his wake, as Tyler references it in the last scenes of the comic book.
  • Many aspects of Fatboy, including the uMaster and Manservant Neville, are parodies of the real-life Apple Inc. and its most popular creation, the iPod.
  • The chubby-faced icon of Fatboy is a parody of the real-life Big Boy restaurant chain.
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