El Maestro De Ceremonies, "The Master of Ceremonies," was the leader of a troupe of Mexican Luchadores. He kidnapped Sensei Ping using the La Cage De Lumiere, intending to kill the venerable master in revenge for the death of the Luchadores' former leader, El Sapo Dorado.

After kidnapping both Sensei Ping and the Middleman to the Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl, El Maestro allowed Sensei Ping to demand his last words. Sensei Ping told him that El Sapo Dorado had, in fact, died of a heart attack, and demanded his right for trial by combat. El Maestro agreed, and sent Cien Mascaras to fight the Middleman, Sensei Ping's champion. After defeating most of Cien Mascaras, the Middleman was subdued by one, but rescued by Wendy, who freed Sensei Ping.

Realizing the danger, El Maestro sent every Luchador to attack, but Sensei Ping killed them all. El Maestro advanced to challenge Sensei Ping along, but Sensei Ping killed him with the Wu-Han Thumb of Death, bringing an end to the blood feud.

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