Deus ex Pip is the name Pip gave to his show at The Gate, in which he featured his plagiarized copies of Wendy Watson's artwork. He believed the name meant "the Machines of Pip", though in fact it does not.

Wendy, Lacey Thornfield, and Noser attended the show, dejected that Pip had succeeded in intimidating Wendy into silence. However, the Middleman attended as well, and detonated a truth bomb. Suffering its effects, Pip confessed in a recorded interview that he had photographed Wendy's art and passed it off as his own.

Since the truth-bomb affected the entire room, one man confessed that he didn't even like art, and "just came for the babes". He was followed by an art critic who was color-blind. Realizing that everyone at the show was affected by the truth-bomb, Wendy tried to get her boss to reveal his real name, but he dodged the question by saying it was "the same as my father's", and left before she could ask him anything else. ("The Boyband Superfan Interrogation")

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Deus ex Pip" is based on the Latin "Deus ex Machina", which means "god from the machine", or less literally "the machinations of a god", and was used in ancient plays to refer to endings that worked out well for the heroes literally through the intervention of a divine figure. In modern writing, it refers to a happy ending that comes about in a way that is not clearly built up beforehand.
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