Cindy Marshall

Cindy Marshall (real name Commander Mark II Kothalian Ree, ID# X7003TΕ5) was a member of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet who was on a mission to destroy the warphole generator used by the dictators known as Varsity Fanclub in an attempt to return to Clothar V. She took up residence with Dr. Elliot Marshall, posing as his adopted daughter and blackmailing him into stealing Physics Department property so she could build a science lab and enough technology to wipe out Varsity Fanclub.

Aside from her scientific genius, Cindy was capable of releasing lightning from her hands. She used it on the Middleman and Wendy Watson to escape them, on Ida after infiltrating the Middleman HQ, as well as on the Fanclub's security. She was shot by security and charged the Middleman to finish her mission. Her dying words were "and I was only two weeks away from retirement." Cindy planned to stop Varsity Fanclub by activating a black box (run on Ida's battery) to shut down the warphole generator. ("The Boyband Superfan Interrogation")

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