Chac-Mol was the Mayan goddess of rain and thunder, whose power was bottled in the form of an obsidian panther idol. The idol is an extremely powerful and dangerous magical artifact. It allows the wielder seemingly infinite power against his enemies, but comes with a staggering cost: the wielder must always pay the steepest price imaginable, making "the ultimate sacrifice".

History and Uses[edit | edit source]

Given that it is an idol of a Mayan goddess, the Chac-Mol talisman was presumably created by the Mayans. At some point, it was stolen by Cortez and used to destroy an army of 300,000 Aztecs under Montezuma. It is not known what ultimate sacrifice Cortez made to use the talisman.

After its use in this battle, the idol was collected by a Middleman and promptly locked in the deepest, most secure vaults of Middleman Headquarters. There it remained for nearly five hundred years.

During the events of "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse", faced with the unstoppable power of Manservant Neville and his polyditetrahexamonotrioctalon, the Middleman made the choice to employ Chac-Mol's power against Manservant Neville. The idol allowed him to raise an army made up of every fallen Middleman from all time, and the combined force destroyed Manservant Neville.

The Middleman uses the polyditetrahexamonotrioctalon to set the world right and then destroyed it, and Wendy Watson was led to believe that his life would be the price paid. She was relieved to see him alive the next day, until she discovered that her roommate, Lacey, who had been in true love with the Middleman, suddenly had no feelings for him and did not even remember him; instead of life, the Middleman had given up his chance of being loved to save the world.

Incantation[edit | edit source]

The incantation used to invoke the power of Chac-Mol in "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse" is:

"Behold the power of Chac-Mol! Oh great deity of last resort, I call upon you -- bring forth my army that it may clean this world like a holy thundering storm of divine retribution!"

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