Cecil Calloway Rogers was the tuba player on the Titanic when it sank. He hid his tuba under a blanket and disguised himself as a woman, taking the seats of a boy with polio and his blind mother. Doing this caused him to be cursed forever, never being able to die as long as his tuba remained intact. He was born August 9th, 1889.

Rogers and his tuba currently rest at the bottom of the bay, shot through the chest with a harpoon cannon by Wendy Watson. It is unknown whether Rogers "survived" the plummet to the bottom of the bay and was cursed to drown, die, come back to life, and drown for all eternity, or whether, as the Middleman predicted, the water pressure at the bottom of the bay was sufficient to crush the tuba and kill Rogers.


Through his immortality, Rogers went by the following aliases (latest first):

  • Charlie Rogers, Forensic Expert from Las Vegas
  • Clarence Rogers, 1970s grand prix racer who survived three fiery crashes
  • Cecil Mulligan, Hollywood stunt man from the 1930-40s
  • Cecil Jauregui, a boxer
  • Cecil Artiano, a pilot
  • Cecil Solice
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