High Aldwin
High Aldwin.JPG
First appearance The Boyband Superfan Interrogation
Created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Affiliation Clotharian Rebel Fleet
Portrayed by  Alan Smyth

High Aldwin (later Maximum Aldwin) is the Supreme Commander of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet, the forces which fought a rebellion against the Pentarchs of Clothar.

High Aldwin has had contact with the Middle Organization on two separate occasions. After the Middleman apprehended Cindy Marshall, Aldwin contacted him through Interrodroid 4000 to order Cindy's release. The Middleman invoked the Scrolls of Zanthor, and Aldwin was impressed by his acumen with Clotharian law. However, once he explained Cindy's mission, Aldwin threatened to destroy the Earth if the Middleman stood in Cindy's way.

Later, when the Clotharians had sent a payload of aerosolized Nanobots to Earth in the remains of VOYAGER 2, the Middleman contacted Aldwin through the head of Interrodroid 6000. Initially surprised, Aldwin refused to answer to his former title of High Aldwin, stating that he had been promoted and was now to be addressed as Maximum Aldwin. He also stated that the nanobots were deliberately sent as a punishment, and refused to aid the Middleman in disposing of them.

Given that Aldwin was already Supreme Commander of the Clotharian Rebel Fleet when he was High Aldwin, it is not clear what he was promoted to in order to become Maximum Aldwin. However, it may have been a commendation for supervising Cindy's mission to kill the Pentarchs of Clothar.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Aldwin was described by Wendy Watson as looking like Graham Chapman and dressing like a Vestal Virgin, due to his ornate and formal robes and headdress. He was very arrogant and especially disdainful to humans, whom he referred to with a number of ape-related insults, including "gibbons", "primates", and "hairless ape". He was also very vain: he insisted on being called "Maximum Aldwin" following his promotion, and was interrupted in the middle of filing his nails when the Middleman contacted him.

However, given his rise to total command of the entire rebel force, it must be assumed that Aldwin is at least a good tactician and leader. He also had a small modicum of respect for the Middleman, due to his astonishing knowledge of Clotharian law. ("The Boyband Superfan Interrogation")

In the commentary on the Middleman DVDs, the director shared that the High Aldwin's headpiece was originally used in the Richard Harris film 'Camelot', and his tunic is from the costumes used in filming the TV show 'Babylon 5'.
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